Liposuction Canisters–What to Consider

 As an aesthetic surgeon who offers liposuction in your practice, you want to ensure you provide your patients with the best. That means you need more than skill and experience to make each procedure a success, you also need to use consideration when purchasing your supplies and equipment. From the aspirator to tubing and cannulae, there are a host of important instruments essential for liposuction.  Not the least of which, the liposuction canister.

What to Look for in Liposuction Canisters

When you choose your liposuction canisters, you want canisters that will not implode. A clear canister is easier to monitor than a canister with an insert. Large gradations make easy-to-read measurements.   A  wafer filter in the lid assists in preventing splashes into the vacuum tube going to the biofilter.

You never want an  overflow, and waste canisters should be disposed of after use.

Your Choice in Liposuction Canisters Benefits Your Patients

You may think that your liposuction canisters are a minor item, but anyone who’s ever witnessed a canister implosion knows graphically otherwise.

When purchasing your liposuction canisters, and other tools for your practice, you are making choice impacting not only your patients, but your staff as well.  Though not overtly dangerous, an implosion is one the more unpleasant things your staff would have to deal with.  The teal bottom LS7020 brand canisters from MD Resource have been used reliably for thirty years, representing millions of uses, and are still considered the safest most convenient waste canister for liposuction procedures.

Choose a Reliable Supplier

In addition to choosing the right kind of canister, you want a medical supplier that you can count on. Based out of Livermore CA, MD Resource prides itself on excellence when it comes to fabrication, speed of delivery, product quality and customer support. We are your committed partner in helping you deliver the best care for your patients.

So if you need to place an order for liposuction canisters, make sure to visit MD Resource today. Quality counts when shopping for liposuction canisters for your practice.

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