Fat Grafting Supplies-What to Consider

As a surgeon who providing fat grafting services to your patients, you have a great responsibility. Your skill, knowledge and experience are the essential foundation of a positive outcome. At the same time, the fat grafting supplies you use are an important part of your practice as well.

Be sure to consider the following tips when you have fat grafting supplies ordered for your practice.

Protection of Fat Cells is Vital

When you perform a fat grafting procedure, one part goal is to safely remove fat from a patient’s body through liposuction and then inject the fat into key points in the body to enhance volume.

The tools that you use during a fat grafting procedure will make a difference on whether or not a procedure is successful.

You Must Take Care During the Harvesting Process

In a typical liposuction procedure, fat cells are suctioned out through a cannula, and they are disposed of. The condition of the fat is not important.  In a fat transfer, the condition of the fat is paramount.

Before you place an order for fat grafting supplies, contact MD Resource, based out of Livermore CA. It is important to look at the quality of your fat grafting supplies to ensure they are coming from a reputable source.

At MD Resource, we stand by our supplies and will be ready to assist you in any way possible when you have a concern.  Contact us today for your quality fat grafting supplies.

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