What to Consider When Buying Liposuction Cannula

When liposuction is a vital component of your practice, you need to have high expectations. That means setting standards that are well above and beyond the norm when purchasing equipment for your office. You can’t overlook a single detail, and that includes your cannula, those hollow, thin stainless steel tubes you use to suction fat out of the tiny incisions in a patient’s body. If you’re going to insert something into such delicate tissues, you want to cause as little trauma as possible.

Think about what you need to consider when you are ready to purchase your next set of liposuction cannula. If you are intent on building a solid reputation, you need to choose the best.

Pay Close Attention to Size

When it comes to cannula you have a wealth of options at your disposal. However not all cannula are equal and it pays to be selective. Anything larger than 3 mm is not recommended when purchasing an instrument to be inserted into a patient’s layers of fat.

Using anything larger than 3 mm can mean additional trauma to the surrounding tissues and greater loss of blood. Your goal should be to minimize any damage to your patient and help ensure the most successful recovery process.

Quality Counts

As you review your options, be sure to choose a reputable supplier who will provide instruments of high quality. Cutting corners with any of your surgical equipment is the last thing you want. Combined with your skills, the better the tools, the better the results for your patients.

Think About Design

While most cannula are based on the same basic design concept, they are not identical. Cannula with holes along the length are used when performing tumescent liposuction procedures. Otherwise, you will want a cannula with a tapered end to provide your patient with more protection during a procedure. Depending on the kinds of liposuction procedures you perform, both types of cannula may be necessary for your practice.

Consider the Importance of Customization

When shopping around for cannula, look for an innovative supplier committed to making improvements to standard designs. If you have your own design concept you feel may make your procedure more effective, find a company with the ability to fabricate to your specifications.

Expect Excellence in Service

There’s no need to be in a rush when you are selecting surgical instruments of great importance. The time you take to choose wisely will allow you and your patients to enjoy the benefits each time you perform a successful procedure. Contact MD Resource today.

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