LipoBelt Kit


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Reusable cold therapy belt used to reduce iinflammation pain, swelling and to provide compression

Product Description

This is not a procedure-less weight-loss device

LipoBelt is the only re-usable, continuous use cold therapy system designed for post plastic surgery applications. Advanced Cold Targeting Technology delivers ideal cold temperatures for the most effective temporary relief of inflammation, pain and swelling. No other cold pack can reach the lowest average temperature range without causing harm to skin or muscle tissue AND maintain that consistent average temperature longer than 60 minutes without re-freezing. LipoBelt is manufactured to meet performance and function standards of the medical industry using the highest quality materials to provide comfort, ease of use, and safety. The neoprene belt strap stretches and hugs the body, making it comfortable to wear. When tightened, LipoBelt provides added compression benefits , slowing down blood flow and convective heat exchange to further cool down the treatment area. Easily accessible LipoPack pouches are made with fabric specifically woven to act as a barrier that protect skin from frostbite or cold burns, absorb moisture from condensation, while allowing maximum cold penetration.

The LipBelt Complete Kit comes with:

  • 1 LipoAbs belt
  • 2 Small sliding modules
  • 2 LipoArm belts
  • 2 LipoThigh belts
  • 2 Small LipoPacks (freezer packs)
  • 2 Large LipoPacks (freezer packs)

Sizes: S/M fits up to 36″ waist,  L/XL fits from 36″ to 46″ waist

LipoThighs fits up to 26″ circumference

LipoArms fits up to 15″ circumference
Recommended use of LipoBelt
Intermittent Cold Compression  First 3-5 days used on top of compression garments Up to 1 hour or more to provide temporary pain relief and prevent excessive inflammation & swelling
 Intermittent Compression Each day while compression garment is used, until drainage has ceased 2 minute long compressions at 5 minute intervals, 3-4 times a day – using LipoBelt without LipoPacks
 Supplemental Compression Each day with or without compression garment after drainage has ceased Mild compression as needed for added support, sense of security, and comfort
 Long Term Intermittent Cold Compression  1 month post-treatment applied until all swelling or unevenness is no longer observed  20-30 minutes, 1-2 times a day – using LipoBelt with LipoPacks

(Price represents our retail price, for physician price or quantity discounting please call 1-800-633-8423)

Recommended Use of LipoBelt With Other Non Invasive Modalities

Amplify and extend the effects of all your body treatments naturally with the power of LipoBelt’s Advanced Cold Targeting Technology.  Specially engineered to be used in-office or at home, intensive hands-free Cryo technology provides similar cooling as other cold lipolysis treatments, and works synergistically with many non-invasive body contouring and firming modalities to produce even better treatment results.

How Cryotherapy can work for your clients:

  • Stimulate and optimize collagen production within deep layers of the skin
  • Temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Increase firmness of crêpey abdomens, and sagging upper arms
  • Improve the smoothness and firmness of thighs
  • Minimize swelling by increasing the body’s anti-inflammatory response
  • Increase localized deep circulation, metabolism, and lymphatic uptake
  • Improve skin tone and tightening

It is recommended that your clients purchase a LipoBelt for personal use at home in order to sustain regular daily use in between sessions.  This increases their engagement with the treatment program, encourages a consistent regimen, and enhances overall results to better meet client expectations – all leading to a higher rate of client satisfaction.

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