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Tubex is used to create autologous blood with a high concentration of platelets. Typically, blood only contains about 5~6% of platelets. However, Tubex has over 94% of platelet concentration with strong regeneration power, and can adapt to a variety of solutions. Also, Tubex does not cause any allergic reaction or any other side-effects since it is from the patient’s own blood.

Tubex (Extraction Kit)

Tubex is an extraction kit for efficient platlet extraction. Traditional extraction kits have a relatively low platelet concentration and involve exposing blood to the air, causing possible air contamination. Tubex minimizes the possibility of contamination and provides higher platelet levels than any other extraction kit.

Vortex Technology

The Vortex Engineering method is a unique process helping to separate red cell and platelets, as well as minimize loss of platelets. We designed Tubex with a valve and a protrusion (structure) formed at the center of the tube to create vortex fluid flow inside the tube. The method allows a minimizing loss of platelets, unlike any other extraction kit.


Tubex is manufactured with bio-compatibility medical plastic. It also goes through Gamma-ray sterilization, according to ISO 13485.


Tubex is hermetically sealed in all connections, making it safe from air contamination and various contaminating sources.

Fast, Simple, and Easy

Two tubes are interconnected, allowing simple and fast PRP extraction with less fatigue. Engraved gradient on Tubex provides convenient measurement during the process.

High Concentration

With Vortex Technology, Tubex provides higher platelet concentration than other available extraction kits.

The 10cc Tubex has a 2.1cm diameter at the top and bottom and a length of 12cm. The 25cc Tubex has a 3.0cm diameter at the top and bottom and a length of 13cm. Please refer to your centrifuge specifications to ensure a proper fit.

Items included with each kit:
1 x 10cc or 25cc Tubex separater (based on your selection)
2 x Sterile alcohol prep pad
2 x BD 10cc syringes
2 x 18g Luer Lock needles
1 x latex free tourniquet
1 x BD Vacutainer™ tube containing Acid Citrate Dextrose (ACD) Solution A
1 x Terumo Winged Infusion set

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in

10cc, 25cc


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