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Product Description

The Smart Cartridge is a revolution in Fat Transfer! Smart Cartridge is an auto-clavable device that allows the doctor to homogenize the harvested fat (without emulsification) into nano-fat, micro-fat or fine gel applications. Homogenizing Laser Discs are single use and available in  2400 micron, 1200 micron, 600 micron and 100 micron. The Laser Discs are not a simple filtering disc, each of the holes are laser cut blades.

The Smart Cartridge allows the doctor to tailor the fat grafting to the procedure, instead of a one size fits all approach – wrinkles, cheeks, breast or buttocks all require different fat consistency or viscosity.

How can the Smart Cartridge be used with Fat Grafting?

  • The adipose tissue size of the homogenized fat through Laser Discs are 2400 micron, 1200 micron, 600 micron and 100 micron.
  • 2400 micron homogenized fat tissue is recommended for volume fat grafting like breast or butt augmentation, and the fat can be injected with a 14 to 17-gauge injection cannula.
  • 1200 micron homogenized fat tissue is recommended for facial fat grafting, and the fat can be injected using a 20-gauge injection cannula.
  • 600 micron homogenized fat tissue (fine fat gel) can be injected for wrinkles and other facial areas, and can be injected using a 27-gauge injection cannula.
  • 100 micron nano fat for other uses.


Processed Syringes

Plungers with Pistons

Oil can be extracted using the plunger and pistons 10cc, 30cc or 60cc. (Plungers and Pistons are sold separately).

Fat/Cell processing pistons with an auto-locking weight valve for 10cc, 30cc and 60cc BD syringes. The piston has an auto-locking weight valve, so during centrifugation the piston pressures the aspirated fat tissue and locks automatically for concentrated and oil extracted fat.


Disc Cartridges


Discs go into the cartridges which have male luer connections on each side. Syringes are then connected on each side and the fat is transferred through the disc. Cartridges are offered numbered with 1, 2 or 3 on them so at a glance you know which size Laser disc you have inserted. Any size disc may be used with any cartridge.

Star-shaped razor edged  laser cut discs for fat tissue micronizing homogenizing and filtering. Options include 2400 micron, 1200 micron, 600 micron and 100 micron sizes. 4 different size discs, that have razor edges, create homogenized fat, mid-size fat, microfat and nanofat.

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