Injection Gun


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The Injection Gun is used with a syringe to deliver precise dosage without any fatigue to the operator.

Product Description

The Injection Gun (IG) has become the standard micro-injection system used today. It uses ratchet movements of fine serrations for unparalleled accuracy. The Injection gun “trigger” provides leverage, which enables it to develop the high injection pressure required without undue operator fatigue. Each complete squeeze of the trigger releases a precise dosage and may be repeated until the syringe is empty. Stainless steel construction and ergonomic design assures ease of use and years of operation. The Injection Gun is available in different sizes and comes with the proper adapters and ratchets to fit standard disposable syringes.

Injection Gun IFU

  • .15 cc/ml per trigger on 1ml B-D syringe

  • .32 cc/ml per trigger on 3ml B-D syringe

  • .62 cc/ml per trigger on 5ml B-D syringe

  • .88 cc/ml per trigger on 10ml B-D syringe

  • 1.09 cc/ml per trigger on Monoject 10ml syringe

  • 1.51 cc/ml per trigger on Monoject 20ml syringe

  • 1.98 cc/ml per trigger on Monoject 30ml syringe

  • 3.0 cc/ml per trigger on Monoject 60ml syringe




Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 4 in



BD 3cc, BD 5cc, BD 10cc, BD 20cc, BD 30cc, BD 60cc, Monoject 60cc, BD 1,3,5,10cc, BD 3,5,10,20,30 – 60cc Monject, BD 3,5,10cc


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