Aquavage AV2000D


The Aquavage 2000D is a 2000cc canister that is a sterile, single-use, closed system for fat harvesting.

Product Description

The Aquavage AV2000D is a sterile, single-use, closed system for fat harvesting.  The Aquavage AV2000D is a 2000cc container, which can be connected in-line with any aspiration pump that has variable vacuum control. Fat is harvested using your preferred liposuction cannula at reduced vacuum of 18 in Hg/500mm Hg. The AV2000D separates the fat and fluids.  This allows the surgeon to remove the fluid portion and then the fat cells from the container via a sterile and closed method. A canister evacuation hose is included.

MD Resource recommends purchasing an Aquavage stand to hold the canister during the procedure. The stand is made of a collapsible autoclavable stainless steel.

For more information please visit our AquaVage site.

Aquavage Instructions For Use

Here are a few key points regarding our product:

  • Fast and Trouble Free
  • Closed, Disposable, Sterile System
  • Separates Fat Automatically
  • Works with any aspirator with vacuum control
  • No Clogging, even in high fibrous tissue
  • FDA/510k Cleared
  • Sold as a single unit


What is the ideal vacuum level for fat harvesting?  Information provided at the IFATS conferences (International Federation for Adipose Therapeutic and Science) recommends keeping vacuum 18 inHg(500 mmHg). For best results keep your vacuum between 14 and 18 inHg (360 and 500 mmHg).

Does it matter what kind of aspirator I use?  The Aquavage is designed to work with any vacuum system. Your current system should have control, and enough power to maintain a consistent vacuum level of 18 inHg (500 mmHg).

What type of cannula is best for fat harvesting?  We recommend a 12-14 guage, or 2, 3 or 4 mm cannula.  A simple hole pattern is sufficient, but if you have a favorite cannula pattern, that will work fine.

How does the Aquavage compare to other fat transfer devices available?  First, it starts with Lactated Ringer’s in the bottom of the canister to immediately enable separation of the fat as it flows in from your cannula. When fat hits the Lactated Ringer’s, it immediately separates and floats to the top. It is designed for simplicity of operation. Mesh systems that clog up. Basic bucket systems rely on the tumescent to separate. Colander systems are exposed and volatile to the cells.

Can the Aquavage be reused? No, single patient use. It cannot be re-sterilized or reused for another procedure. Contamination is possible if reused.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 in


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