Fat Grafting Supplies: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Fat grafting is one of the most reliable ways to restore volume to a patient’s body. It can have a profound effect on cosmetic rejuvenation while providing long-lasting results.

The problem is that the success of any fat graft depends upon numerous factors.

While factors such as where the fat grafts will be taken and administered can be controlled by the surgeon, items such as the choice in harvesting and transfer equipment can also affect the success of a graft. This means that patients and surgeons will ultimately be served best when the right equipment is chosen.

Let’s explore some of the more important considerations you should examine when choosing fat-grafting equipment for your procedures.

Choosing the Right Fat Transfer Equipment

The type of fat grafting supplies and equipment used plays a vital role in determining the success rates of the grafts. This tends to hold true due to the fragile nature of fat cells.

During harvesting, transfer and placement, the fat cells must be protected. Every action performed on them should be to make them more compatible with the injection site, protect the cells from damage, or to remove impurities that could cause problems with the graft.

Harvesting: Collecting and Protecting Fat

During the harvesting process, it’s important to utilize the right combination of tools. Techniques like high suction tend to destroy the fat cells due to the forces they are subjected to, which makes them nonviable for grafting.

Purifying and Transferring the Fat Cells

While fat should be obtained from fat-dense areas, no harvested culture of fat cells will ever be perfect. Chemical impurities will exist, and the best way to remove these impurities is by filtering the fat cells.

You have options for your equipment when it comes to this step: you may use a centrifuge to separate the cells from the impurities or not.

Choosing the Right Fat-Grafting Supplies

If you wish to learn more about how the fat grafting supplies you use affect the success of fat grafts, or you wish to improve your fat grafts by using the right equipment, then contact M.D. Resource today to learn more about what equipment will fit your needs and match your personal preferences.

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