Medical Supplies-Quality in the OR

Medical Supplies-Quality in the OR

As a surgeon, you know your patients are relying on your expertise, skill, and a successful track record. Every time you come to the operating room, you deliver your best. Anything less, and you could put your patients at risk. Your reputation is on the line as well. If you are dedicated to excellence, your […]

Liposuction Canisters–What to Consider

 As an aesthetic surgeon who offers liposuction in your practice, you want to ensure you provide your patients with the best. That means you need more than skill and experience to make each procedure a success, you also need to use consideration when purchasing your supplies and equipment. From the aspirator to tubing and cannulae, […]

Fat Grafting Supplies-What to Consider

As a surgeon who providing fat grafting services to your patients, you have a great responsibility. Your skill, knowledge and experience are the essential foundation of a positive outcome. At the same time, the fat grafting supplies you use are an important part of your practice as well. Be sure to consider the following tips when you […]

Benefits of the Medikan System for Liposuction

Liposuction is a staple of cosmetic surgery. It allows fat to be reshaped, removed, and even added to a patient’s body. It can be one of the most influential surgical procedures. The challenge concerns just how complicated this procedure can be. Numerous points of failure exist with varying degrees of failure. The Medikan System exist […]

Liposuction Systems Overview

Liposuction is a surgical procedure utilizing suction to remove selected fat deposits from a patient’s body. In the traditional form of liposuction, a physician uses a a narrow stainless steel tube, called a cannula, connected to a medical-grade suctioning system (called an aspirator) to suction out fat deposits. The cannula is inserted into a patient through small incisions […]