Benefits of the NX3 Liposuction Machine for Plastic Surgeons

Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to remove fat deposits. While many people can lose weight and improve their figures through diet and exercise, they often find they have places on their body where they simply can’t get rid of the fat. So they turn to liposuction.

Depending on the location and size of the treatment area, the patient will be given either general or local anesthetic.

Regardless of the technique chosen, the surgeon will use a tube called a cannula to break up the fat cells and will use a syringe or vacuum pump to remove them.

What is the NX3 aspirator?

The NX3 is an aspirator made and sold by the Medical Device Resource Corporation (MD Resource).

As the NX3 has wheels and weighs 45 pounds, it is portable. Its piston pumps have an adjustable vacuum ranging from 0 to 27 inches Hg. It also has a maximum flow rate of 4.2 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute).

The NX3 is a quiet system. It has a foot-pedal, three feet of tubing, an IV pole and a canister holder. It uses an oil-less vacuum system that reduces the need for maintenance.

If you need to add an NX3 aspirator to your facility, contact MD Resource today.

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