Benefits of the Medikan System for Liposuction

Liposuction is a staple of cosmetic surgery. It allows fat to be reshaped, removed, and even added to a patient’s body. It can be one of the most influential surgical procedures.

The challenge concerns just how complicated this procedure can be. Numerous points of failure exist with varying degrees of failure.

The Medikan System exist as a way to both increase the efficiency and success rates of liposuction procedures. They can help refine the liposuction process in a way that improves everything from the process of separating fat cells from impurities to ensuring the filling process occurs in an optimal fashion.

Even Fat Extraction and Filling

The quality of fat extracted during the liposuction process is vital when the fat is going to be purified and used for fat transfer. Damage during this step will lead to fat cells that provide less viable results, and could lead the patient to a more painful recovery than is necessary.

The Medikan System improves upon this process. It can safely extract fat cells from different areas of the body. It can do so in a way that leaves the area more even, making the results more stunning.

Due to the increased quality of lipid handling, this makes the Medikan System both easier to work with and more successful as a whole.

Higher Quality Fat Cells

The quality of fat cells directly affects how successful fat transfer procedures are. Cells that are not purified to an adequate degree will cause the patient to experience extra tenderness, soreness and other issues that can range from complete failure to uneven incorporation of the lipid tissue.

This makes purifying the fat cells via centrifugation an essential part of any lipid transfer procedure. The problem is that most liposuction systems require a manual touch, which introduces numerous points where lipid transfer can fail, or suffer from a reduced quality.

The 416D machine is part of the Medikan System, and it seeks to make the entire process of extracting impurities from fat cells both simpler and less prone to errors. This results in significantly easier work that has a higher rate of success.

Improving the Liposuction Process as a Whole

The entire Medikan System is designed to improve both liposuction and fat transfers in general, making it one of the most useful systems for cosmetic procedures. It can make the difference between a procedure with passable satisfaction and one that the patient loves.

To learn more about the Medikan Systems we offer, contact MD Resource today.

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