AquaVage Fat Grafting System Benefits

Fat grafting is increasingly gaining in popularity when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

More and more patients are tapping into the potential of their own body fat to enhance other parts of the body, whether they want to enhance their buttocks, for breast augmentation, or to erase signs of aging of the face.

As a physician, you want to deliver the best possible outcome for your patients when performing fat grafting. And that’s where the AquaVage fat grafting system comes in.

What is the AquaVage Fat Grafting System?

The AquaVage fat grafting system is a sterile, single-use, closed system for fat harvesting, designed for simplicity of operation. It will become a vital component of your fat grafting procedure.

Add saline to the bottom of the AquaVage canister and harvest targeted fat deposits from the patient using a cannula of your choice. When the fat hits the saline it immediately separates and floats to the top of the canister. Aspirating the tumescent from the AquaVage to a waste canister allows the fat to be easily funneled from the base using the included Luer-to-Toomey syringe connector and hoses.

Unlike mesh systems that clog, basic bucket systems that rely on the tumescent to separate, or colander systems which are exposed and volatile to the cells, AquaVage allows fat and fluids to separate naturally within the canister. The acentric funnel and included Toomey syringe allow you to quickly view and easily harvest the fat, making the process more efficient for you and your patient.

The AquaVage fat grafting system can be connected to the vacuum-controlled aspirator of your choice.

What are the Benefits of the AquaVage Fat Grafting System?

The AquaVage fat grafting system is a single-use, sterile pack, reducing the risk of infection to your patients and alleviating the need for sterilization.

A barbed spout allows for faster secure connections and the acentric funnel makes viewing easier.

There is no clogging, even with high fibrous tissue, and no centrifuge is required.

AquaVage works with any vacuum-controlled aspirator.

Because Performance Matters

  • AquaVage is a true high-volume system, offering a fast and trouble-free method of separating fat quickly.
  • Available in 1 or 2 liter canisters (1200 and 2000cc).
  • A collapsible, autoclavable stainless steel stand is available.
  • The AquaVage fat grafting system is FDA approved and 510k cleared.

Combine the AquaVage fat grafting system with your wealth of experience for a safe, reliable, and effective procedure. AquaVage is the ideal addition to your practice, allowing you to perform fat grafting procedures with ease.

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